Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm still here...

But yes, you guessed it. The Christmas eating frenzy knocked me right on my butt, which - as a result - is just a teensy bit larger than it was in 2008. But I'm back on the beam, and happy to report that I am NOT giving up, no matter what happens. It's all lessons learned, man.

Speaking of which, I decided to hit it extra hard in the gym to make up for the missteps while in Florida. (Melissa, I'm so sorry I didn't catch up with you while we were there...we're coming again in the Fall. Maybe we can make it work then. It was a little crazy with the holidays and trying to get business wrapped up by the end of the year...) Anyway, I nearly threw my back out after a two-hour workout that included an ab crit and a bi/tri workout. Phew!

But I do feel pretty proud of myself. Today the food was clean, the workout was killer, and I am so confident that I will be back under 170 by the end of the week (was 174 this morning), will be 165 by the end of January, and will be under 160 by the end of February. (See the revised goals to the right...)

Hope everyone else is hanging tough! Happy New Year, all!!

Take care,


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Melissa H said...

No worries, girl. Had a bit of a busy week myself when you were here.

Holding your hand as we climb back uphill after the holidays. We got this. ;-)