Monday, January 12, 2009

Welcome to CrazyTown. Pop: 1.

And here I lie...

...wondering how three weeks has gone by with no change in my weight at all. Okay...that's a lie. My weight went down to 169, and as of this morning was back up to 173. Ugh. It is SO not okay for me to keep bouncing around 170. I want to be bouncing around 145!

I opened the doorway to a nasty little place I like to call "CrazyTown." In CrazyTown, it makes sense to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich followed by a bowl of cereal with chocolate soy milk. In CrazyTown, it doesn't matter that the scale has been steadily creeping up and up. There are no calories in food no one sees you eat, right? Kind of like that tree that goes down in the middle of the forest when there's no one there to hear it? (Psst...the tree makes a lot of noise. The cereal has tons of calories.)

I had a hard time figuring out why I was feeling so funky for the past few days...why I didn't seem to give a rat's a** about eating anything. Yesterday, we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner and I didn't get anything to eat. When my husband asked me why not, I told him I couldn't get excited about being abstinent, but I could no longer get excited about being non-abstinent. So, I didn't know what to eat. So, I wasn't going to eat. (I did end up eating, for the record.)

Anyway, ENOUGH. I'm so over CrazyTown. Yes, I'm still feeling a little crazy. But I will feel a lot LESS crazy once I get these carbs out of my system and get back on track. Tony's plan WORKS. I have 25 pounds to lose. I fully intend to lose them by my 39th birthday (May 22). I fully intend to be 145 by this summer.

This is the year of ME.

Good night, everyone. I'll check in with you to let you all know how I'm faring tomorrow.

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Melissa H said...

You can do this, Lii. You're coming back to Disney in the fall and I fully expect to lie next to the pool with you wearing a bikini akin to that picture below. ;-). Get to it, girl.