Monday, January 19, 2009

What was I thinking...?

When I was eating all sloppy and slippery during the holidays in Florida with the kids, I bought a pack of cookie mix (70% organic!) to make for the kids (yeah right). Anyway, tonight they asked me to make the cookies for them.

I did.

And no, before you get all your comp bikini bottoms in a bunch, I didn't eat any of them. But DAMN, I wanted to. I was literally salivating. (I'm salivating a teensy bit now just thinking about it.) The only thing that saved me was realizing that (a) I can have cookies when I have my next cheat if I really want them that bad and (b) no way would I be satisfied with one cookie, so that means I'd end up eating the remaining 16 cookies that my children did not eat. Not acceptable. Not at all. That would easily be 1600 calories!

I am determined to hit the 150s. Seriously bound and determined. I have hit one big milestone, which is that I am consistently fitting into size 12 jeans. This is an amazing achievement that I have not been able to claim since before I had children, I think!

Today was a very clean day. Devon and hubby and I all went to the gym and I rocked my leg workout. I'm up to leg pressing 315 pounds for a set of 12. Yay me! I'm looking forward to achieving my goal of pressing 400 pounds at some point soon. I also had a couple good runs before and after my workout. My ending cardio ended with a half minute at 9.0 mph! Yeah baby!

OK - I'm off to bed. Just haven't checked in for awhile and so wanted to let you all know how I'm doing.



April said...

Gotta love smaller jean sizes! As much as it sucks not eating cookies is the only way to get there :)

Melissa H said...

Good job not caving on the cookies. I think that you should post some stats and quit worrying so much about the scale. I'm just sayin'. :-)

rockstarmom said...

Hey girl!
I agree with Melissa..measurements will make you feel much better!!! Scale is blecha blecha!!

Danielle (Bella) said...

Way to go staying strong in the face of cookie goodness! You are so right, you can have them at some point so save em! Fitting into the jeans feels so good doesnt it?!?! You are kicking butt!