Thursday, January 8, 2009

Keep it movin...

I recently had a huge epiphany. That what makes the real difference is not whether or not I make a mistake or slip up, but whether I stay on my a** or get up and run harder to make up for the time lost.

Today was a nasty, slow, low-energy day. And so what? I'm gonna have those. I had three sugar-free puddings after dinner (that's counting the one I still intend to have...ha ha). But I also got my TOM today, and I have my clothes laid out for a kick a** workout tomorrow.

You know what? This was the first holiday season I can remember that I didn't gain 10-20 pounds between Halloween and Christmas. In fact, I was up only 2-3 pounds and Aunt Flow just showed up. I even reached my goal of being back under 170 by the end of this week. The main difference was that even though there were days (ok, let's face it ... weeks) when I was off Program and floundering around in a sea of Uncrustables and mini Clif bars, I was still struggling to get back on track - emailing and texting Tony, drinking my water, hitting the gym to do my workouts.

I know this is going to be the first year that I actually look forward to the summer, that I'm able to buy a new, sexy string bikini and ROCK it. While we're on the subject, how's this for an inspirational photo?

OK, I clearly need to turn it in for the night, don't you think?

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