Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back on track - YEAH!!

I was back down to 170 this morning, everyone. YAY, ME! That means that despite the holidays, I only gained a total of THREE pounds. Not bad. Not bad at all.

And so here we are...back on track.

I have some pretty intense and lofty goals for 2009 - under 170 by the end of this week. 165 by the end of this month. Under 160 by the end of February. Under 150 by my birthday in May!! In addition to that, I'd like to have a waist under 30 inches by May and be able to run the Broad Street 10-mile run at a nice, 10-minute pace. What a miracle THAT will be!

I had a challenging situation today when our insurance company informed us that they would not be covering Devon's oral surgery from last November and the total charges were close to $16,000. I will not freak out, and I ask that all who read this send positive, miracle-generating vibes into the Universe that this will be resolved in a miraculous way. The oral surgeon certainly never told us it could be anything close to that amount, so my hope is that they will be reasonable and charge us a reasonable amount for his work.

I know my faith is strong and I have so much belief in the miraculous, positive, abundant workings of the Universe. It will all work out for the best. But today's miracle is that I did NOT eat over this. I had a healthy breakast, a healthy lunch, a healthy dinner, and a KICK A** workout! (I even ran at 10.0 mph for ten whole seconds!!)

OK, that's all for now. Just wanted to let everyone know how I'm doing. 2009 IS GOING TO ROCK!

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