Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to all...

Merry Christmas, everyone!

So, here I sit, trying to get my little ones to go to sleep - torn as they are between wanting to stay up late on this special night and wait for their Auntie Jo Jo to come and wanting to be asleep so Santa will come. (I told them Santa only comes when little children are sleeping. He needs to keep his identity secret, sort of like Super Man.) The irony is, in the past I'd be wishing for them to go to sleep so I could eat like I wanted to. Funny that's not the case tonight. I'm torn between wanting them to go to sleep so I can sneak in another hour or two of work, and wanting them to go to sleep so I can stuff the stockings, and wanting them to go to sleep so I can go to sleep. Har, har! How far we've come.

Tony really had a plan for today - it was a plan to kick my booty in the gym in preparation for tomorrow's carbfest, I'm sure. 90 minutes into the workout, I realized I wasn't going to get it done before 10 am, which was my cutoff so I could still work (okay...okay...and get my emergency facial). It's been awhile since I texted and called Tony so frantically. Should I go back to the gym later? I couldn't do the three tri exercises and ending cardio! Should I do cardio at home? Should I try to go to the gym tomorrow (even though I have three kids, 6 and under, so the likelihood of being able to go anywhere aside from back and forth to the kitchen is completely remote)? Help!

"Friday will be here soon enough. Chill out," was essentially his response. GLADLY.

So, here I am chilling out. Trying hard not to obsess about when the carbfest begins. Trying hard not to obsess about the work I "should" be doing. Trying hard not to obsess about the gifts that still need wrapping.

It's Christmas Eve. I'm going to read a book and relax with my girls. Merry Christmas to me.

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Health Girl said...

Merry Christmas! :)

Enjoy the evening. Stop obsessing. ;) I totally understand though.

I just got down with my 2nd workout today and I am ready to watch a couple traditional movies we always watch. :)

Have a great day tomorrow!