Saturday, December 13, 2008

Still rockin' and rollin'!

I'm still here. Life is SO good, and so am I!

Had a friend over for a playdate this afternoon and it was so tempting to have pizza with everyone else but I know for me, it starts there but who knows where it ends? Instead, I had a veggie burger on WW bread, salad w/lite dressing and decaf. After everyone left, I had protein pudding. I was 174 tonight, but I was 168 this morning, so I'm not sweating it. It's still TOM, so hopefully by the end of the year, I will have reached my goal of 165.

Today was shoulders, and I killed it. I wasn't feeling the cardio (I ran 3 miles yesterday), so I just walked it. I had an impromptu playdate that went till nearly 11 and since the babysitting at the gym ends at 12, I was worried I might not make it. But I did, and actually got the workout done with time to spare.

I'm fitting into size 12, consistently, JEANS, and so have accomplished yet another of my goals. I can't remember the last time I was in size 10 jeans, consistently. Maybe back in the '90s? I cannot believe I will be there in just a couple months! Woo hoo! And size 8 jeans? Maybe NEVER.

I'm exhausted from some family stuff that is weighing heavy on my mind. Not for public consumption, but I could use encouraging prayers.

Much love,



Health Girl said...

Sounds like you are doing great! WTG on the clean eats. Its like that for me, too. Slippery slope indeed. lol

Sending thoughts and prayers your way.


April said...

Never say never. I never thought I would be in size 3 jrs. You are doing great and you'll be calling Tony in a few months to let him know the impossible has happened...size 8 baby!