Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Put down that breadcrumb!!

Right now, everywhere you look, every commercial on TV, ever magazine cover, shows tempting, yummy, NON-dietetic food. Cookies, cakes, stuffing, gravy, biscuits, petit fours, you NAME IT.

Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

Remember the evil, old, crusty witch in the old Hansel and Gretel fairy tale, fattening the little kiddies up with candy and cookies, knowing full well she intended to toss them in the oven and eat them for dinner?

Well, that evil, old witch is alive and well and her name is Jenny Craig, or Slim Fast, or Alli, or whatever other get slim quick plan is out there and promises to undo all that holiday damage. Well, guess what, you ugly witches? I, for one, plan to not do any holiday damage, so take that to the bank.

I'm back on track, thank GOD. That's two frightening, food-frenzy holidays down, one to go. I'm actually .4 pounds LIGHTER than I was on Thanksgiving, and more than five pounds lighter than I was on Halloween.

169.2 this morning. YEAH, BABY. I can smell 165, and my wedding day weight of 158 is right around the corner.

Even better than that, I'm in a good place around food with two of the three major end-of-year holidays under my belt. After Christmas, it's all smooth sailing from there. I can just fall back, and float on the sea of people who are struggling to lose the weight they gained over the holidays. Its not too late for you to decide not to be among them.

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