Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm back on track, at least for today

Ahh...I love having the freedom to reinvent myself on a daily basis.

So, thank goodness for willingness and prayer. After much of both, I am solidly back on track. I cleaned out my house and asked for help and am now following a super clean (super stringent) eating plan a friend of mine has been following since March. She has lost 22 pounds and gone down three or four sizes since then.

Now, me. I was hungry. I'm not going to lie. Today was a rest day from working out and so I had a lighter fare than usual, I guess. Just shy of 1200 calories. I was hungry. The food didn't taste so great. (Well, breakfast, lunch and dinner rocked, but the snacks SUCKED.) But one day under my belt. Let's see how tomorrow goes. Can't wait for that oatmeal. YUM.

Tomorrow, I'm following my tri training. Somewhere during the day I hope to get in a 15 minute swim. I'm starting the day with a run. A good day planned.

I'll check in again soon.

Take care,


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