Friday, June 20, 2008

Shut UP, Fat Monkey!!

I am so SICK of hearing from the Fat Monkey on my back. I want him OFF of there!

So, I had an amazing day so far (workout rated 10, food rated 8, attitude rated 8). I went running with a friend this morning, then had a YUMMY breakfast (my fave meal of the day, I'm quickly realizing) of an egg white/turkey/cooked spinach omelet and steel cut oatmeal. Yummy yummy. Then off to the gym for an hour of boot camp. YEAH, baby. It kicked my butt.

Myoplex shake after my workout, fine. Good. Got some good work done. Even better. Yummy lunch of grilled salmon and more spinach. Then things start going downhill. I was so excited because my Syntrax Nectar arrived today. I could not wait to make the chocolate lava cake with the new powder. First mistake - I decided to estimate amounts. YUCKY YUCKY. I tried again, this time carefully following Melissa's recipe. Not as yucky, but yucky nonetheless.

Where are we now? I'm STARVING. The FAT MONKEY on my back is whispering to me that when I go out to dinner with my husband tonight, what harm is a little mashed potatoes? A piece of bread? BECAUSE IT OPENS UP THE WHOLE NASTY CAN OF WORMS, THAT'S WHAT! BECAUSE IT WAKES UP THE SLEEPING DRAGON! YOU'RE NOT FOOLING ME YOU NASTY, LYING, THIEVING FAT MONKEY. GET OFF MY BACK, OR I WILL RIP YOU OFF WITH MY BARE HANDS AND STUFF YOU DOWN THE TOILET MYSELF.

Phew, that felt good. Maybe tomorrow, Fat Monkey. No bread, no butter, no mashed potatoes tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

I am getting to size 8 jeans. I am getting to 150 pounds. I am getting my dreambody and no stupid fat friggin' monkey is going to keep me from it.

I will report back tomorrow.


PS Here's a current pic - not full body, but it gives you an idea and gives me something to compare against in a couple months:


Melissa H said...

Good for you for realizing that! You're right: it will awaken those dragons!!

Okay, what's going on with the lava cake? Dry sponge? If that's the case, add more water and cook 25 seconds. Check it, cook in 10 second increments from there.

It took me 4-5 tries before I got it right. Now, it cooks all the way except the very bottom. I chop it up and get the "lava" over the rest of the "cake".

Melissa H said...

Oh, and by the way? Just re-read this post and I totally see a pattern here. Afternoon time is your weak time. You're probably tired at that point, wanting to be done with the work day. You probably *used* to look forward to rewarding yourself with a tasty/fattening/rich dinner at the end of the day. It is going to take some time to re-work your brain. But, it starts with your brain. You're not really starving. Or, you shouldn't be. Drink another protein shake and shove some greens down your throat. Then, start reprogramming your brain:
You are so happy that you ate clean today!
You are proud to say that you don't even want mashed potatoes.
You can't wait to eat seafood and green beans while enjoying a night out with hubby.
You feel thin and sexy.
You love your new lifestyle.
This is so easy!

I mean it. Your brain is a powerful thing. Start deciding what you're going to believe. Are you starving or are you completely fulfilled with healthy foods?