Friday, June 13, 2008

Entering the Weekend Wasteland

Why is it that I associate the onset of the weekend with the desire to eat nothing but crap? All week long, I crave and enjoy healthy food, fruit or egg whites for breakfast, salad with grilled chicken for lunch, seafood and rice with steamed zucchini for dinner. What did I have today?

  1. A banana for breakfast (good start), followed by a KILLER boot camp workout. (The teacher of the class was sweating like a pig...nuff said.)
  2. Then, at my sister's house, I just did not feel like making a salad or anything healthy. She had leftover bbq, so I had that. No veggies at all.
  3. Then, during my massage and facial (yay, me), I realized I was beginning my triathlon training tomorrow so probably should postpone the liver flush I'd been planning to do (see my Detox Blog for more info on that.)
  4. I get home and have a soy dreamer ice cream sandwich, knowing it's a better choice than the yummy 10-point organic chocolate bar waiting for me in the freezer. The little dreamer was just a preview...the chocolate bar called to me and called to me...I ate it all.
  5. While picking up the girls, I ate a few mini pretzels.
  6. At home, not even hungry, I cooked pasta and meatballs for the girls, and as the frenzy of their fighting and yelling escalated ("Can we watch "High School Musical" again, please?" and "More apple juice, mom!"), I broke down and ate a bowl of pasta, faintly realizing I still had not eaten any vegetables at all.
  7. Checking the clock, I noticed at 7:15 it was just a few minutes before the cut off of 7:30 my new nutritionist friend Chrissy recommended for me as the time to stop eating. "Well," I thought to myself, "maybe I ought to eat any last morsels, since it is cut off time." (Speaking of which - I have one minute. I think I'll get a banana.) See? This is what gets me in trouble. I eat like there's an impending nuclear war or tornado or something. Must stockpile. In my stomach.

So, all in all, I guess it was still a good day - from a Weight Watchers perspective, anyway. I get a daily allotment of 24 points and I was only up to 20, even with all these errant choices. (Although I can't help thinking it would be better for me to be getting 24 points of healthy food, rather than bbq and chocolate.) Thank goodness for boot camp and my continued willingness to have my ass kicked in the gym by various and sundry women at the gym. Thank you, gym women. Betsy, Kristen, Chrissy, Dorine - I love you all.

More tomorrow, folks.

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Melissa H said...

This was a REALLY bad habit for me to break. BFL was a great jumping point, from an interval training and weight training perspective. But the "free day" binge fest just created a new and bad habit for me. BP talks about how you eventually get sick and realize that those foods make you feel ill. HA! I actually tracked one free day and had eaten 4,500 calories by 4:00. HOLY CRAP!! I think the key is to get it OUT of your system. Don't eat it. It is just a vicious cycle because it totally messes up your insulin (which makes you crave it even more). It isn't easy. But, it is worth it. And YOU, girlfriend, have the resolve to do it. YOU just have to believe that. :-)