Monday, July 16, 2012

INSANITY Day 8....Still on track

OK, so I took a couple days off. Well, no not really...I took ONE day off. Saturday I cued up the DVD and my jumping jacks looked like a granny two-step. Sunday, I had a mud run - the Merrell Down & Dirty. I KILLED those obstacled, thanks to my coach kicking my butt in kickboxing for 2 months and INSANITY and TRX and all the other crazy stuff I've been doing since May. I texted my trainer and told her that I was really banged up - my elbow is scraped, my knee is seriously bruised and my Achilles was screaming from the beginning of the race all the way to the end. She suggested maybe I swap my planned INSANITY workout with the INSANITY recovery workout. I thought that was a good plan.

When I woke up this morning, I had a fierce resolve. I bounced up at 6 am and got my INSANITY on. NOT the recovery DVD, but the Cardio Power & Resistance that was on the schedule. I'm not gonna tell you I was able to do 100%; my Achilles was killing me, even with the right sneakers and the Achilles bandaged up to keep it stable. I couldn't do all the hopping that Shawn T called for, but my knees were above my hips, dammit!

I'm happy to say that my weight continues to go down. I am SO excited about that. INSANITY works, people. I am about to be living proof of THAT!

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