Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm an ATHLETE, yo!

OK, twice in one night...that's right.
I just posted something on Facebook and I had to share it with you guys. I took a picture of one of my injuries from the mud run and I posted that I knew it was a little bonkers for me to be taking pictures of my sports injuries. One of my friends remarked that maybe the running was shaking my brain loose or something...My response:

"Tee hee! I've always gotten a kick out of my sports injuries. I was so NOT an athlete. I've taken pictures of all my really good sports injuries - when I nearly knocked myself out chasing after a tennis ball and ended up with a lemon-sized egg on my head that had everyone thinking I was being beaten by my then boyfriend, now husband....when I jumped off the cliff at Rick's Cafe and landed on my ass and had a bruise from the bottom of my butt to the top of my I said...bonkers. Frankly, I'm still pretty amazed that I have somehow morphed from the girl who got picked last for every team to a damn nearly fearless athlete who will try anything once."

It's never too late to become an athlete. Why not start today?

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