Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 5 INSANITY - Building a Foundation

I actually think I've gotten into somewhat of a groove with INSANITY and healthy eating. I can see myself achieving my goals because I have built up some positive momentum. Each day, I roll out of bed and just do the DVD. I don't really think too much about it, it's kind of like brushing my teeth (except longer, harder and much sweatier). Anything else I have planned is in addition to INSANITY. What this means is that many days, I don't do anything else because I'm exhausted.
I'm sure my friends are wondering why they haven't seen me at boot camp lately.  Honestly, I haven't been able to get myself to do it. My marathon training has also suffered slightly, I must admit. But this weekend, I intend to get my run in, even if it's just 6-8 miles, in stead of the 10 miles I'd planned. It's hot and with my daughter's swim meet, I won't be able to get out there before noon. Better 6 than nothing, right?
I can see big changes happening already. I like to think it's INSANITY doing its magic. I've dropped over five pounds this week alone. I'm hopeful that even after this first week, I can consistently lose 1-2 pounds. That will put me at or near goal by the end of the year.
The other thing that's amazing is that it's getting easier and easier to stay on plan in the face of temptation. This evening, I took my kids to the pool and to the Flick 'N Float at our local pool and all around me, people were eating soft pretzels, candy, popcorn, pizza, ice cream. I had a salad with grilled chicken and a diet coke. (The diet coke was my splurge.) Came home hungry and had some green tea with almond milk and a teaspoon of raw honey. 'Night night now.
For those of you new to INSANITY, give it a try! The beauty of it is that it's never more than 45 minutes or so. Also, Shawn T keeps it really nice and varied, so it's not boring at all. Best of all, you sweat buckets, which is how I know I'm getting a really good workout.
Until tomorrow!

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