Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm READY!!!

I don't know what happened on Halloween, but I lost my mojo...WAY lost it. I am back up to 171 as of this morning, and so you know what?

I'm taking a DO-OVER.

I went back to my posts from the beginning of my Dreambodies journey, and I had such a passion, such a willingness to do whatever Tony asked of me. I don't know when I started thinking I could come up with a better plan than he could, but I'm DONE with that. I'm back to not only induction eating and working out, I'm back to posting here every day with how I'm doing.

I e-mailed Tony and told him I was going to send him before pictures, and starting weight and measurements as if this were week 1. As far as I'm concerned, it is. I've signed up for another 6 months with him, and I should definitely be able to get this last 25 pounds off in that amount of time. That's basically a pound a week. No problem.

So, here we go, everyone. This will be hard, this will be interesting, this will be FUN! I'm ready to get my dreambody. You ready to see it happen? If not, get ready! Cause, here we gooooo...!

PS A fresh start calls for a fresh look, wouldn't you agree? :)

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