Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tomorrow's Turkey Day!!

There's a good chance I will have met my goal of being 165 by tomorrow. As far as I'm concerned, 165. anything works for me!! 165.9? Counts. :)

Pretty good day today. I took the girls to the gym, then the Please Touch Museum, then we went and took photos with Santa. I could post them here, but I'd rather wait until closer to Christmas.

I did bake tonight - brownies and chocolate chip cookies. I had a couple fingers full of icing, but otherwise, exhibited restraint.

OK, I'm going to bed before I start getting hungry. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! It's going to be rainy here, which cancels out my plans to run 5 miles on my favorite trail tomorrow. Ploo.

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redhead75 said...

Happy Thanksgiving Liimu! Remember to drink LOTS of water today and enjoy yourself. You'll hit your goal soon :)