Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 1 - SUCCESS!

OK, so it's only 4 pm, but I just had to report that I'm doing GREAT so far!

Oh! I forgot to do pics and measurements for Tony...oops. But I have eaten 100% clean. (Lunch was nasty - plain chicken breast and broccoli. Won't be doing that again.) I went to the gym after I dropped the girls off at school and wowsee wow! I had a great workout!

So, it's on, yo. I have 25 pounds to lose and I am determined to lose it by my next birthday (May 2010), which is when my most recent renewal with Tony runs out. Somewhere around then.

I found out today that my Dreambodies hubby is scarfing cookies in secret. Meanwhile, he's STILL lost 15 pounds since starting with Tony. Hmph. How is this fair? I gain 5 pounds from eating too large a serving of egg whites. He has a secret stash of Oreos behind the oatmeal and still manages to lose weight.


Oh, well. Life isn't fair, I suppose. And hey, at least I get to be married to him! Tee hee!


Tearose said...

LOl your right that is so not fair! Maybe its because they carry more muscle... My husband lost 20 lbs in like 7 weeks and hes kept it off through my birthday binge, his Grandpas birthday, his Dads birthday and my weight has gone up! Bahh humbug!

Melissa H said...

Keep the fire, Lii! I know that you can do it.