Monday, November 16, 2009

A much better day...

Have I mentioned lately how incredibly SICK and TIRED I am of cold/flu season? Hubby and I went away for our anniversary last weekend, and our 3 year old woke up Sunday puking. Today, our 5 year old was sent home because she threw up at recess, and since I received the call she has puked SIX additional times.

Unbelievable, and I have to admit that I find the stress of parenting to be a huge trigger. It makes me want to eat...anything and everything. Despite that, my food was relatively clean today. There is room for improvement, so I commit to planning my food in advance of tomorrow and making it squeaky clean. I even downloaded my workout already and am happy to see that it's exercises I can do at home. Love shoulders day. So, once I get my little one settled after I take the other two to school, I will hit the "gym" in my laundry room. I WILL get my workout in tomorrow. I will even try to get my 3 mile run in, maybe at 6 am before everyone gets up, or maybe in the afternoon after my 2 pm meeting.

I was 170 this morning, but fully expect to see 168 tomorrow. My goal is to be 165 by Thanksgiving day, to keep Thanksgiving eating reasonable, so I can still meet my goal of being under 160 by New Year's Day.

Keeping it honest, keeping it real. I know blogging here and being accountable to all of you really helps. Thanks again, to Tea and Melissa and EVERYONE who calls me out when I neglect to post daily to let you know how I'm doing. KEEP ME HONEST!

I am thrilled to report that work is picking up, and my sitter did a fabulous job over the weekend with the girls. Can you say, Caribbean Valentine's day weekend? I can...I can not only SAY it, I can PLAN for it. If I meet my goals, that's exactly what my reward is going to be. Bikini on the beach, February 2010!!!

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