Monday, May 25, 2009

Life is good and getting better!

What a beautiful day we had today.

Hubby and I were aligned in our desire to spend the day together as a family, which was so nice. Doesn't always happen - we often do a date night and then spend time individually with the kids but are sort of two ships passing in the night here in the house. Well, today we wanted to do something all together. We didn't even spend any money!

First, I decided to take the day off from working out. (I hadn't had a day off in over a week.) We took the girls to feed the ducks - the weather was beautiful - and then out to lunch. Then, we all went to Target to buy some bike helmets and other accessories (ooh...maybe I'll go for a nice long bike ride tomorrow) and then came home to do some biking outside. I laid down with the baby and got an hour nap, and then got up and hung with the family for awhile before having my yummy dinner of stuffed mushrooms and green beans while they all had pizza. Then, I had my newest favorite dessert - cottage cheese w/sugar-free, fat-free chocolate pudding, aka chocolate mousse, while finishing up some work for my brother.

Tomorrow, I hope to get details about a new work project. Thank GOODNESS! Pray for me, that it will come through and will be the bridge back to continuous work and income!!!

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day. Can't wait to hit the gym tomorrow!!!

Love, Liimu

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