Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Where I've Been

As those of you know who frequent Melissa's blog, my daughter, Amelia was hospitalized for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, a rare, tick-borne illness that caused her to have an extended high fever, rash, edema, enlarged liver and spleen, headaches and general lethargy. This infection led to meningitis and encephalitis that caused loss in brain function and gross motorskills that we were worried might be long-term or, God forbid, permanent. This is why it is SO miraculous that she is back to eating pizza, watching movies, giggling and playing Uno only a couple days later.

It's nearly impossible to believe and maybe we are foolish to hope it could actually happen, but the doctors are saying she may actually GO HOME TOMORROW! We are hoping to have a welcome home party for her, so if you are in the neighborhood and would like to stop by, give us a call. (Probably a short party - maybe just until 7 or so.) Pizza and cake, the usual fare. Anyway, it's not confirmed but if the prayers continue to work as well as they have been and if she continues to be as determined to get better and out of here as SHE has been, I think it may actually happen.

All her vital signs are excellent - medically, they say she is looking great. Fever is down, bloodwork looks good, blood pressure and oxygenation, all completely within normal limits. Her swelling is almost completely down and she's back to using the potty like a normal little girl. Her mental state is also good - she's giggling and chatting with us, even watching movies and playing games, coloring and enjoying ice cream and pizza. Our only challenge is to get her out of bed and walking around, though my opinion to the doctors is that getting home and with her sisters, who will be bouncing around and playing inside and outside on the swingset will only incentivize her to improve more quickly. No offense to the brilliant CHoP staff, but Amelia is not particularly motivated to please them after all the poking and prodding they've put her through over the last few days.

Again, thanks to everyone for your loving prayers and support. God willing, my next update will be that we are HOME!

I'm not really working out or even eating particularly clean right now, but don't you worry. I'll be back on top of my game soon enough. Right now, my only priority is making sure this little girl gets out of here and back to baseline as soon as possible. After that, we'll worry about getting me back to baseline. :)


MilesPerHour said...

I have seen some pretty traumatic stuff with encephalitis. I am glad she is better. Give her all the pizza she wants for now. The Lord has plans for her.

Melissa H said...

Family is #1. You are amazing and I can't tell you that enough. I'm so happy that Amelia is going to be okay. You keep being the fantastic mom that you are and the fitness goals will still be there when the important stuff is taken care of.


QuilLight said...

Echoing Melissa's comments ... couldn't say it better.


rockstarmom said...

Prayers have been with you this whole time, Liimu..you are an amazing mommy and have a miracle little girl - I am sure she is getting many many hugs and smooches right now!!


Carolyn said...

God is so good! I had contacted my church to pray for you all as well. I'm so glad that amelia is doing better!!! *hugs*

Love ya right back!