Saturday, May 23, 2009

I need a brain transplant...

I am not really liking the thoughts that have been running through my head tonight. Hopefully, it will help for me to dump some of them here.

I am SOOOO sick of feeling HUGE and bloated. I biked 13 miles today with a friend, went to the gym and did Tony's workout and I ate clean all day. Okay, okay, okay. I'm a little insane. It's only one day, really, because Tony authorized a cheat yesterday for my birthday. It feels like I gained the weight back overnight (even though I didn't). Why won't it come off overnight? Yeah, it sounds really crazy.

The other thing that's really hard is that I live with three little girls who don't have to eat like bodybuilders and a husband who really doesn't feel like it. Tonight, he's got cookies and a muffin just waiting for him to devour after the girls go to bed.

What am I gonna do after the girls go to bed? Well, not weigh myself again (I was 177.5 tonight - WTF is up with that?). I'm gonna spend some time looking up new motivation pics and send my cardio for the week to Tony, like he asked me to. Plan my food for the week and my workouts. And set up my reward schedule for how I plan to lose the weight:

Under 170 by June 1
Under 160 by July 1
Under 150 by Labor Day

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Tina said...

LMAO...I'm sorry I love the title...been there :) All I can say is in a few days you'll be feeling better you need a few days of detox under your belt...take this from a figure competitor who falls off the wagon everytime. Thing is it's not worth it but neither is beating yourself up about it. Somedays you just have to take baby steps and those will turn into bigger steps then leaps, and you are up and running again. You've been through a lot but take time to reflect, as well as move forward. Just me opening up my mouth...take it or leave it :)

And forget about the crap food...yes you can have's your can do whatever you want...just make sure what you do moves you closer to your goals rather than away from them...speaking to myself here :) {{{HUGS}}}