Thursday, May 14, 2009

Worse than I'd feared....

Man, I hate how my body works sometimes. It takes me 4 months to get from 173 to 161, and 2 weeks to get back up to 173 again. Unbelievable. Now, I know most of this is water weight and I will be back under 165 in no time, but I have to treat it as if it's really happening, or I will lull myself into a false sense of confidence and end up back in the 190s before I even see it coming.

Most important, my daughter is back home and doing well. She is a real fighter (like her mom) and is back to normal functioning, almost as good as before she got sick. She's getting herself in and out of bed, up and down off the potty, up and downstairs. She is truly amazing. I'm so grateful to God for her complete recovery.

I've followed Melissa's lead and begun downloading podcasts. I think I probably need to do some stats - measurements, photos, that type of thing. Really renew my fire about claiming my dreambody. Fortunately, there is still time for me to get back down in the low 160s before the full onset of summer. I WILL look good in a bikini this summer, dammit.


April said...

You are right that most of this is probably some water weight. Have fun watching that scale go down REALLY fat until you get to that certain number that is SO hard to get know the one :) This may have been a good thing for your body in disguise.

Melissa H said...