Monday, April 8, 2019

Today, we all slept until nearly 1 pm so by the time we made it to the bridge that took us over toward the Spanish steps, we were all pretty hungry. The strange thing is that when I looked over the menu, I didn’t want to eat a whole big meal. I ordered a cappuccino and a cannoli and left it at that. We headed over the bridge and it started pouring raining. We started to freak out, but when we realized that the only way we were going to get a taxi was if we paid 3 times the normal going rate, we decided to suck it up and just walk. In the rain.
We had shopping on our agenda, and we managed to get to Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and Gucci before the night was over and the stores closed. Last year, when we first got to LA, we went to many of those stores in Beverly Hills and I remember being so sad that I couldn’t comfortably wear or even try on any of the clothes they sold. That hasn’t changed – if anything I’m less likely to find something that fits me now – but I didn’t feel sad about it. I felt confident. I knew what I could buy – a bag, a wallet, even a couple pairs of shoes that I rejected because I didn’t like them rather than because they didn’t fit. Our last time in Italy, I could barely afford our meals out. We certainly couldn’t afford to shop in any of the stores, let alone the designer stores like the ones we visited today. 
Even more than that, today I knew with confidence that one day – one day soon – I would be able to not only afford anything I wanted in those stores, I would also be able to fit anything I wanted. I have my eye on a certain Dolce & Gabbana dress, and this time when I get back to size 10, I’m coming back for it.
I’m a little nervous about starting again when I get back. But mostly, I’m excited. I’m changing my schedule so I have more time at home each month, where I can get to the gym and do my Tony workouts and get my walk/runs in on the beach if I want to. I can do CrossFit and boxing and SoulCycle with my girls.  And I’ll have more people working for me so that my time is freed up to workout like I know I will have to in order to see the changes I want to see. My commitment is about to go up 300%, my commitment to cooking healthy food, being consistent with taking supplements, and working out like it’s my job. I’m going to take measurements and pictures, and I’m going to track my progress in inches, as well as pounds. I’m going to take before photos and then progress pictures on the 1st and 15th of every month.
I’m going to post to my Instagram fitness account every day:
Sunday Start – Weekly goals
Monday Motivation – Inspirational quote
Tuesday Tip – Weight loss tip of the week
Wednesday Workout – Workout ideas (playground workout, 40/30/20/10)
Throwback Thursday – Inspirational pic of me from my archives
Foodie Friday – Pick of my favorite meal from the week 
Scale Saturday – Weekly weigh in pic

This is gonna be SO good. This will keep me feeding the tribe and keep me motivated, plus it will be another way for me to chronicle my journey. OK, I’m going to come up with my weekly goals format. More tomorrow!

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