Friday, April 12, 2019

Sugar. I have to admit I have no business eating the stuff. I’m enjoying it during this trip to Italy, but it’s another major change I intend to make when we get back because it’s addictive and it leads to me sabotaging my efforts. Plus, the crash that follows any time I ingest it just isn’t worth it.
Today, we toured the Coloseum, the Imperial Forum and Palatine Hill. I had to get a cab home because my Achilles was hurting so bad. It’s very different from the last time we were here, when I had energy for days and was strong enough to take any set of stairs, any long walk, any challenge I faced without complaint or injury.
Maybe it’s because I’m older. Fair enough. But I know when I’ve melted off the extra 75 pounds I’m now carrying, I’m going to come back here and skip up the Spanish Steps with joy and without hesitation.

Early night tonight. Games for a bit and then we get to sleep in tomorrow and Sunday. And then Monday, we head home! I have to admit, I’m ready to return. We truly live in my favorite place on Earth.

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