Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Halfway there!

Ok, no not really. I'm actually just halfway through my first ten-day purium cleanse. I think I'm far enough along to give you my fair assessment. Or, at least my fair assessment of the first half, anyway.

Day 1: Feeling pretty confident, I have my printout of the instructions for the cleanse, and my flex foods ready to go. I have my lemons ready for juicing to add to my water, and I'm feeling strong and ready. I tried working out and yikes. Could barely walk. I have a long way to go. Is it day 10 yet?

Day 2: Yikes! Already down a couple pounds and feeling pretty amazing. I do get hungry at times, but honestly the flex foods and the protein vitamins really do help. I'm going to get coconut milk to add to my purium shake, which I think is going to be really yummy. Today was a super busy day - we were at the Renaissance Fair most of the day, and the apple I brought really helped me hang in there until we got home. Yay, flex foods.

Day 3: What the hell is happening to my body? Every ache and pain I've ever had is screaming in pain - my Achilles, my right knee, my lower back is spasming...is this what I signed up for? I reached out to my mentor and trainer to see if this was normal. They both said that it was a part of the detox and that I needed to just hang in there.  Today was Sunday, which is also known as Cheat Day in my house. I may have overdone it a bit on the flex foods, but better broccoli and berries than Twizzlers and Toblerone, right?

Day 4: OK, I think I am actually over the detox hump. I'm not as hungry as I was on days 1-3 and the pain is once again only in my Achilles, and it's a much duller pain than it had been. I have energy again! I actually went and worked out at the gym and had a DECENT workout and did the whole thing in its entirety, and I played tennis for 45 minutes later in the morning on top of that!  Yep, I'm definitely over the hump, y'all.

Day 5: And here we are, halfway through. I FINALLY made it through an entire leg workout! Yippee!! Most of the day, I'm not hungry at ALL. But when the hunger hits, look out - it's pretty intense. I'm super confident I'll make it through the whole ten days, though. That's super awesome. Oh, and the fact that I'm down about five pounds doesn't suck either. :)

So, that's it for now! I'll check in again and let you know how I feel at the end!

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