Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A pretty good day

I don't know if it was yesterday's swim lesson that knocked me on my proverbial a** or if I'm just tuckered out from all the exercise of the past few days. Here's what my exercise has been like:
  • Sunday, 8 mile bike ride and 3 mile run
  • Monday, killer 45 min chest workout and 40 min extra cardio biking hills
  • Tuesday, 40 min run, 45 min leg workout (pressing 450 pounds, thanks very much) and 90 minute swim lesson, swimming nearly a full mile
  • Wednesday (yes, today), 45 minute shoulder workout (arnold presses with 25 lb dumbbells, yeah baby), 4 mile run in the PM

I've been a bit of an animal. I'm sort of glad because tomorrow is Amelia's surgery and I'm taking the day off from working out. Just gonna focus on my little girl.

The thing is, though, I've noticed that when I'm under stress or tired (and today falls under both categories), I'm less vigilant with my food for some reason. Today I was just hungry, hungry, hungry. Unlike other times, I did actually reach out to Tony to tell him I was really feeling starving, and he made a suggestion, which I ignored. (WHY do I do that?) So, of course then later, when I'm on my way to pick up my kids, I'm ravenous and feel entirely justified in eating a few handfuls of pretzels. White flour. My sworn enemy.

Anyway, I got through dinner and it was abstinent. I just need to say extra prayers tonight for willingness because I don't want to use tomorrow's trip to ChoP as an excuse to eat anything other than 100% clean food. I have a secret mission, remember? And I'm not going to let pretzels or bread or anything else stop me from completing it.

I'm going downstairs now to go get my magazines and work on updating my vision board as I promised Tony I would. I think I'll put one in my room, if my husband will let me. Maybe I'll put it on the back wall of my closet and just leave the door open so I can see it all the time. Hmm...good idea, girlfriend.

Later, guys.

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Miss Rachel said...

Hi Liimu. I've been lurking at your blog for a while now, and I am wondering if you would be willing to tell me a little more about your experience with OA. I am wondering if it could help me. I have my doubts: I'm pretty much an atheist for one, and I tend to want to rebel against authority for another. If you have the time, I'd appreciate hearing what you think. Thanks.