Saturday, June 13, 2009

Onward, soldiers....

So, it looks like I gained about five pounds on vacation. DAMMIT. I hate to have to admit that, but it's the truth and I need to just face it and move ON. I did do my hour of cardio, as Tony requested - ran 7.5 miles the first morning, biked 12 miles the second morning, then ran 5.5 miles the next couple of days and a slow 4 miles this morning. Where I went wrong is (a) I didn't drink enough water and (b) I didn't stick to the one cheat meal a day.

And now vacation is OVER and it's time to really get myself back in the mindset I was in before I left. Truth is, I want to get back in that mindset and figure out how to freakin' stay there. Not just because I want to get under 150 pounds and into size 8 jeans eventually (and someday have clear, glowing skin), but because I want to feel healthy and sane, proud of myself for the choices I make and how I fuel my body.

I will NOT beat myself up about this. Onward and forward. I will download my workout and get to the gym tomorrow (even though I'm EXHAUSTED from a 7 hour drive tonight) and I will plan my meals for tomorrow. Four liters tomorrow.


April said...

5 lbs? That's it LOL! I've gained 10 before. Don't worry it'll come off SUPER fast and seeing the scale dropping will motivate you more!

CathyC said...

It's going to be okay-just get back into your good eats and exercise,no time for regrets now :)
I too will be on a 3 week vacation soon- but when I get back I'm back in my routine!