Friday, April 1, 2011

Stalling and MIA

Wow - I'm embarrassed it's been a whole week since I last posted. Oh, well, better late than never. So, I was feeling slightly stalled in my motivation and weight loss but am here to get reenergized and recommitted! I know I can get my body back - I've done it three times before! So, I went for an AWESOME walk on Tuesday with the baby, the weather was gorgeous and I was loving listening to workout tunes I hadn't enjoyed in months. As a result, I think I may have walked a little faster (and farther) than I should have. Now I'm out of commission. It hurts even to walk. Boo hoo. I'm seeing my OB on Wednesday, so hopefully I will get reassurance that everything is healing fine. Otherwise, I've been logging my food and trying to keep my menu relatively healthy, though it's technically to early to diet. Lord knows, I have no problems with my milk supply. I'm pumping 6-7 ounces at a time and have a huge store already. That's a first for me (and of course it's happening now, while I'm working at home and barely need it.) Anyway, I have to be honest. I'm trying SO hard to stay patient and remember that it is going to take time for me to get back to my old self again. I've already lost 20 pounds in less than three weeks. I hope to have lost 25 pounds by the time we go to Myrtle Beach in two weeks. Then, we're off again to Martha's Vineyard in June. My goal is to lose an additional 20 pounds before that trip - 6 weeks is not a lot of time to lose that amount, but I will be finally cleared to work out so that should help. Then, if I can lose another 20 before our trip to the shore in August (10 weeks to accomplish that goal), I'll be less than 10 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. Just going to chunk it out like that and focus on one goal at a time. I look forward to sharing the journey with you guys!

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