Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Want My Mojo Back

I had my OB/GYN check up today - all is well. I did, however, make the mistake of telling my doc that I've been having some groin pain and that I overdid it on Tuesday walking too fast. I couldn't help it - the weather was finally warm, I was listening to tunes I hadn't listened to in months, and I was EXERCISING! It felt great! But afterward, I had some bleeding, indicating I had, in fact, overdone it. The doc told me that I was not to walk for exercise again, or do ANYTHING strenuous (including carrying my baby in the carseat) until my 6 week recovery period was completely over. POO.

So, one would think this would incentivize me to tighten my food up even more, wouldn't one? Quite the contrary. I went on a carb frenzy - in fact, since 2 pm, I have had nothing but pretzels, french fries and ice cream. WTF!!? Back in my all or nothing mood - just for tonight, though. I am determined to get on the band wagon and take a healthy approach to this last 2.5 weeks before I can exercise the way I want to. Unfortunately, this also means I won't be able to achieve my goal of walking the 10-Mile Broad Street Run, which has been a tradition of mine for the past five years (to run it, not to walk it).

If you're not a parent yet, let this be a lesson to you - the reason pregnancy lasts nine months and requires you to go through unimaginable changes, like weight gain, acne, heartburn, varicose veins, stretchmarks, swollen feet, etc., etc. is that it's the first in a long, long litany of lessons geared toward one important message - IT IS NO LONGER ABOUT YOU. As a four-time mom, this latest lesson comes as no surprise. So, all I can do is roll with it. I WILL be rocking a bathing suit come August though. Cause this little obstacle ain't nothin but a temporary detour.

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Danielle said...

I had my first baby on 2.16, so my 6 week recovery period just ended (i had a C section), and though it paine dme to 'take it easy' during that time I am glad I did. Due to pain, I wasn't able to exercise much during pregnancy so i feel waaaay out of shape after 9+months of not too much physical activity. We will both get back to it though. Stay strong, keep pumping :) and know its the long term that counts!
PS, as a first time mom, oh man, I totally understand its NOT ABOUT ME anymore!!! But motherhood is more joyful that I could have ever imagined.