Friday, August 29, 2008

Day 5

I'm tired, I'm scared this won't take, I'm procrastinating (WAY behind in work) and I could complain all night.

BUT I AM CLEAN. I worked out HARD today and ate clean. Even got over a gallon of water today, each liter dosed up with ACV, Lemon Juice and green tea extract.

I suppose if I just do tomorrow what I did today, I'll be okay.

It doesn't help that DH just can't seem to get his mojo back and eats pizza, kandy kakes, chips and meatball subs in front of me. It doesn't help that I have three little girls under 6 years old, two of which have birthdays in September. It doesn't help that I'm working over 60 hours a week.

But what does help? God. Tony. My friends. My willingness. My understanding that it's not gonna get any better, so I might as well just shut up, stop complaining and keep forging on. I emailed Tony to tell him that I was worried because I was starting to get bored. His response:

Yes you will feel strong again. As for the boredom it's way too soon for that. In fact, boredom must become a way of life if we are to KICK this lifestyle change forever. In other words, it is out of redundancy that greatness comes. No one who has ever achieved greatness has done so while working through the reality of doing the same things...over and over again. Although, variety here and there will bring some sanity :)

I just needed to hear from him. I feel much better just having gotten the email. Crazy how simple that was.

OK - I gotta go to bed. Tomorrow's my AA meeting. I have to do so much just to BE ME!! *sigh*

G'night all.

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Melissa H said...

Like I just said in the previous comment, you are doing GREAT. It is all a mental game right now. You are a strong woman. You have kicked so much more than food addiction. You can do this. I believe in you!
(and I hear ya on DH. He has a PBJ next to me almost every night. Wonder where the PB cravings come from?!?!?)