Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bwahahaha!!! I'm on FI-YAH!

OK, so first of all, I have to thank GOD for looking out for me on this Dreambodies program. A few months ago, I started drinking this probiotic drink called Kombucha tea. It takes some getting used to (I remember the cashier saying she couldn't take the vinegar taste), but I got used to it and then got to LOVE IT. Well, one of the things Tony swore by was this apple cider vinegar mixture to cut carb cravings and I could not get myself to drink it. Tony recommended I mix it in a big glass of water and drink it throughout the day and lo, and behold, it tastes...

Just. Like. Kombucha Tea.

WOO HOO! Today, I put it for the first time in seltzer and it is a dead ringer! And it doesn't cost $3.99 a bottle! Tee hee! I drank FOUR big glasses (like, 30 ounce glasses) today. It's helping me get my water in, it's helping me get my ACV in, it's helping me get my green tea extract in! YAHOO!

Today was a perfect day. My meals were SQUEAKY clean, my workout was a TEN (I wish the Workout Update page had a place for comments - I had some serious "OUCH - are you KIDDING me???" moments). I cannot believe how this all works - don't know if it's the ACV, the program, or if I'm just finally ready, but I am in this to WIN this. I WILL be under 180 pounds when I go to Jamaica in October. I WILL be under 170 by Thanksgiving. I am finally going to achieve my goals and have beautiful, flawless skin and a fit, toned body that I am proud of. Finally, my outsides will match my insides!!!!

Devon and I had fun this morning - today was her first bus ride and her playdate with the other children starting kindergarten (she starts on Tuesday...sniff! sob!).

Okay, I'm going on and on and on. I'm sorry I'm just excited and so GRATEFUL to finally be completely present for all the wonderful things that are happening in my life.

I'll post again tomorrow.

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