Thursday, February 25, 2010


I'm still here...I've been seriously slacking with the blog posts, I know.

I cannot believe it is snowing...AGAIN. My daughters were let out at 11:30 this morning (I missed the bus drop off - miscalculated and had to drive to their school to get them...felt like the worst mother in the world). We went right from school to the gym, though, a fact of which I am very proud.

I have been working SO hard lately (at work) and have been falling into the trap of rewarding myself with food, or feeling like "I deserve." The way I put it to Tony is that I let food get the best of me. What I need to do is let ME get the best of me.

So, lately, I have been thinking about that when I want to eat something I know I shouldn't eat.

"Am I going to let food get the best of me? Or am I going to get the best of me?"

So far it's working. Will it work all the way to 155? Who knows? But my hope is that it will get me back on track with cardio intervals (I have seriously lost my mojo there, opting for the elliptical every time) and keeping my food squeaky clean. One day at a time, we'll see what happens.

Hope y'all are well. More later.

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