Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm exhausted

But I'm gonna post, anyway.

I feel like I have had a mini-breakthrough, and I am SO excited about it. I have been doing hypnosis MP3s for a couple weeks now, and it really seems to be affecting my willingness in the evening to be conscious of what I'm eating and stay vigilant. The night-time eating has been my downfall, truly. I will be conscientious and eat healthy all day and then as soon as my kids get home, it's a handful of pretzel goldfish here, a tablespoon of almond butter there, and before you know it, I've standing snacked my way out of all the good hard work I did all day.

Well, no more. I'm getting back into the lower 160s and beyond. I'm entering the Spring and Summer fiercer and fitter than I have been since I was in my 20s. I can feel that 2010 is going to be the best year yet, and I will be the best me I have ever been. I know this to be true.

It's been a difficult couple of months for us. It is a challenge to keep my business going during the early part of the year but you know what? I'm working. It is a challenge to keep myself active and upbeat when there is 2-feet of snow on the ground that's nasty gray and dirty from being there for so long, but you know what? I'm working out and I'm staying accountable. My husband, children and I are stir crazy and ready to go bananas from wanting to be able to hang out outside, but you know what? They're still my favorite people in the world (and I think I'm on their short lists, too).

Life is too short to complain and be miserable. I have tons of things I could complain and worry and what if about. But I'd rather what if about the good things the Universe may have in store for me.

What if ... I lost this last 20 pounds and rocked a string bikini this summer?
What if ... all the projects that are potentially coming through CAME THROUGH and I was making mad money every month?
What if ... we had enough money to travel to Italy in May AND go to the shore for a week in August?
What if ... my songs became viral hits on the Internet and we got picked up by a major record label?

What if? And why not?

Dream big, y'all. Cause what you think about, you bring about...

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Anonymous said...

So so true! So many changes going on for me and spring is on it's way and I'm thankful for all I have and the people surrounding me. I'm a very fortunate person! Keep kickin' booty! You're doing great!