Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Reach for the moon...

Because even if you fall short, you'll still be dancing among the stars. That is what I have always tried to do, despite friends and family often thinking I'm taking on too much, or spreading myself too thin or dreaming too big.

  1. I started my own business two years ago this month, and it has not only been the source of a six-figure income since the very beginning, it has afforded me the flexibility to travel, to spend time with my kids and to work from home almost 100% of the time. Not too shabby.
  2. I've embarked on a singing career. So, I'm not multi-platinum yet or nominated for any Grammy awards. I've recorded two songs, and am working on the third and fourth, all of which I hope to have on iTunes by the Spring and I have been getting recognition for my songwriting skills by folks all around Philadelphia. An even bigger bonus by product is that it has revealed that my husband and I are a great songwriting duo (the new Ashford & Simpson?) and has laid the foundation for him finally finding the career of HIS dreams.
  3. Finally, my fitness path - okay, so I'm still hovering within the same five-pound range I've been in since January of last year. But how's that for a miracle? I didn't gain any weight at all last year! And I'm set to finally achieve my goals this year, closer than I've been in years. More than that, my skin is finally clear, my muscles are taking shape and I am happy with my body and only getting happier.

I did set up my star chart today. I really like it, too. I have set up rewards for getting to Friday with no misbehaving, rewards for getting through the weekend, and super rewards for getting through the entire month. Just like my daughter - and if it can work for her, it should be able to work for me, too! Here's what it looks like:

I'll keep you guys posted on how I do with it. Tony has been right there with me, calling me and texting me to make sure I'm on point. I feel grateful I have his support, and the support of my dear friend Jacquie, who also texts me all day and keeps me accountable. It's going to be a wonderful spring and summer. Thanks to all you guys for the votes of confidence! Oh, and if anyone wants a copy of my star reward chart for yourself to use, let me know!!

For now, off to make spaghetti for the girls and salmon and greens for me. Then have to wash their hair (bleah...) and then to BED, finally. I was in the studio until 11 pm last night, so I am WRECKED (i.e., beat).

Till tomorrow...



Tina said...

Cool love the calendar... and ummm by gawd woman....great things you've done... pfft you can do this :)

Dawn said...

It's great ton have Tony's support. The chart looks great. Would you send me a copy please?



Jenn said...

Wow!!! You've done A LOT in 2 years!! I think you were reaching for Pluto. Well done!

Miss Rachel said...

You are doing so well; you're really an inspiration. I've been catching on your blog today, and I want to tell that in the picture you posted last month, you looked amazing! (Express size 10 - wow!)