Sunday, January 31, 2010

I need a time out.

Someone really needs to give me a timeout. For real.

I was going along on my merry little way...chip chip chipping my way down into the 150s - finally (haven't been there since before I got married and had kids) - and out of nowhere, I get knocked on my behind and off my square.

Each day of this weekend got progressively worse, eating-wise, and although I woke every morning and said my intention prayers and envisioned myself having a great day, and got to the gym and had intense workouts, by 3 pm each day, I was face-down in whatever salty snacks I could find.

I'm not sure why I am sabotaging my own success. I want to get back on track. I'm thinking maybe what I need to do is apply the same principles to myself that have proven successful with my 6-year old.

Last month, we found that her transition to Kindergarten was not as smooth as we had hoped. After getting notes sent home from the bus driver, her music teacher, her teacher and finally a call from the principal (followed by her getting sent home early), I instituted a Star Award program to incentivize her good behavior. For each day that she exhibits good behavior (or at least doesn't get in trouble), she gets star. If she gets a star each day of the week for one whole week, she gets to have a playdate. If she manages to get through the whole entire month with no incidents, she gets what I am calling a Super Playdate - to Chuck E Cheese, or the movies, bowling or ice get the idea.

So, tomorrow is February 1. A perfect day to start my own Star Reward program. For me, there will be a separate reward for making it through each week (M-F) and weekend (Sa-Su). If I make it through the week, I'll get something special (a couple magazines, a manicure, etc.). If I make it through the weekend, same thing. When I make it through an entire month - a big reward - a massage, an outfit, etc. I'm even going to use a calendar and put my own gold stars on there for each day.

Hey, if it works for my 6-year old, why shouldn't it work for me? :)


Tina said...

LOL... Really tho it might just work for you I know a few figure competitors that do the star program... you could even make a vision board out of the calendar and put all kinds of things that represent where you see yourself headed and things that will take you there :) Put it on the fridge too or make a HUGE board and place it in the kitchen in view. I'm curious too have you tried a lunch box approach to eating... have all your foods for the day ready to go in containers and only eat from those containers for the day... those are just some things that work when you really want to push through but are having trouble... you'll figure out what works for you ;)

Dawn said...

Good luck with the star can do this.