Saturday, January 2, 2010

My resolution for this year not to make any resolutions.

I choose to make goals, instead. The nice thing about making goals is that you can make progress, without an all or nothing, without straight success/failure. I have had years where I have achieved more than I realized, and years where I realized halfway through that I didn't want to achieve the goals I thought I did, and where I achieved goals I hadn't even known I had.

This year, I have a lot of goals that I'm excited to achieve: finishing my CD, bringing business to my consulting company so I can pay down our credit card debt, finally getting to my goal weight. This year is going to be A....MAAAA....ZING. Guaranteed.

It was a great holiday. Hubby got me my very own iPod Touch, so I downloaded apps to help with my fitness goals. Can't wait to share with you guys my success as I achieve it!!

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Tina said...

Girl it's been a pleasure so far to watch you transform... think about how far you have come... Celebrate and know there is sooooooo much there to build on!!!!!