Saturday, September 5, 2009

blog therapy

Any of you who have ever driven 17 hours with your kids or tried to blog from your blackberry pearl (using the internet, not a shortcut app) get how bad I need blog therapy to be blogging now, en route to Charlotte, NC from Disney, 4 hours to go.

I literally feel like I am expanding by the hour on this trip for some reason. By this trip, I mean this CAR RIDE, not our vacation. My pants are tight, my stomach is back to looking something like it did a couple weeks after I had my kids. I feel GROSS and so disappointed in myself. I really wanted to stay on track during my vacation. And now, that moment I step on the scale to assess the damage is looming in front of me. It's making me anxious, which is making me eat even more. The moment I accept that I have to get back on track is also looming, which has me nervously eating.

There. I think that's everything. Now that I've bitched and moaned, whined and complained, I can go back to being part of my own solution. Tea's blog today was awesome. I am totally going to envision a successful day tomorrow, starting with a killer workout in the gym. My hubby is starting Dreambodies, and I told Tony I want to refocus: new pics, new measurements, new goals. I have lots of support, lots of people cheering me on and LOTS of reasons to get this DONE!
Maybe it's even time for a new blog template! Hmmm...

Stay tuned! Thanks for reading!


Melissa H said...

Quit the smack talk. And while you're at it, do some smacking of your hand away from your mouth. The canned air in the car and the inability to move around will probably attribute to the water retention, which is why you're "feeling" fat. But you're NOT. I just saw you. Unless you managed to eat 140,000 calories between Tuesday and today, you're just retaining water.

And, okay. So, you didn't eat as cleanly as you wanted to do. I can attest that it certainly wasn't easy, with your choices. I mean, I had to choose soy milk for my vegetarian protein? C'mon!! Can Disney get a clue??

It's just food, Liimu, And whatever you already ate isn't going to go away by stressing over it. Turn this around into a positive. You DID work out on your vacation. You DID make wise choices. You DID bring your supplements. You made the effort. You didn't say, "Screw it" and go nuts.

I think you did awesome. (and I'll bet that you walked off a looooooooot of calories in the parks and in our heat!)

You're going to be fine. xoxo

Melissa H said...

Calling you out. Yoooohooooo. Where arrrrrre yooooooou?

Liimu said...

You were right...I was down four pounds the day after I got back. Tee hee!

Jenn said...

Just catching up and I wanted to say GOOD JOB!! That's great you were able to stay on track for the most part while on vacation. Was going to say congrats on the 4 pounds but realized the choices you made ae way more significant than what the scale says anyway but that's cool it was down. Great job girl!!!