Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 1...afternoon check in

So, I'm about halfway through day 1. A good day so far.

I went to the gym after dropping off the kids and did the FOUR-PAGE workout Tony assigned to me, without any shortcuts. Looked like this:

10 min run at 4.5 mph
Two sets reverse crunch, 45 reps each (was supposed to be four, WTF??) and two 20-second planks
Two sets regular crunch, 25 reps each
Arnold shoulder presses, FIVE sets
Side raises, two sets
Two min interval run (alternating 3 mph, 8 mph)
Chest press, 3 sets
Overhand row, 3 sets
Two min interval run
Behind the head extensions, 3 sets
Bicep curls, 3 sets
Biceps 21s, 2 sets
Two min interval run
Squats, 3 sets
Step ups with barbell, 2 sets
4 min interval run (interrupted by pee-soaked diaper emergency)
10 min elliptical

Ugh. I'm so sore. My knee was hurting throughout the workout so we are going to try to just use the elliptical until I get through the pain (well, until the glucosamine kicks in...I'm finally taking it faithfully again).

OK, fast-forward to 2:30. Now. I've had one workout shake with glutamine, egg whites with veggies and oatmeal with sugar-free syrup and that's it. I'm afraid to eat anything else because now I'm at the time of day when I start craving carbs, chocolate, sugar, etc., and I don't know what to eat to satisfy that craving. Ok, truthfully, I'm not supposed to satisfy that craving.

I'm gonna make some ... um...I don't know what to make!! Urgh. I need to grill up the chicken or something. Maybe I'll just make a whey protein shake and then have lemon chicken for dinner tonight. That seems like a good, solid plan.

I'll check in tonight to let you kguys know that it went, that it went GREAT.

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