Saturday, July 4, 2020

Independence Day is Cancelled.

July 4 is canceled this year. 

At least in my town, there will be no celebrations. 

To me, this seems fitting, as many of us are redefining and renegotiating our freedoms and even asking ourselves, 

"Whose freedoms does this day really represent, anyway?" 

Certainly not my ancestors. 

It's ironic that this year, there were so many celebrations on June 19th, the day the slaves were freed. The quarantine restrictions had been largely lifted and across the nation, people gathered and celebrated. And yet, due to spikes in the number of infections and deaths as a result of the virus, in many states the celebrations planned for this day will be canceled. Perhaps on the other side of this wild and crazy ride we are on called "2020," July 4 will no longer be the day that is celebrated as the day Americans won their freedom, for as I've said before:

We are not fully free until we are all free.

(If you don't know what I mean by this, educate yourself and watch the Netflix documentary, "13th.")

Perhaps the day is coming when we are all free, and nationwide celebration will happen when that day comes. Perhaps we will only be able to truly enjoy a nationwide celebration when it does.

And yet, I am free today in the way I have come to believe is most important. I am free from the limiting beliefs that kept me imprisoned by my own mind. I'm free to know how to pursue joy, truth, self-love, bliss, communion, connection with Divine and humanity. I'm free to learn and I'm free to teach. I'm free to express myself and I'm free to receive guidance.  I'm free to share and I'm free to listen. I'm free to do all those things or none of them. 

Just for today, I celebrate my freedom. Have you found freedom yet in your life?

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