Monday, April 5, 2010

HA bloody HA! So much for daily blogging...

I just got back from a week down South visiting friends in South Carolina and hanging with Mom and Bob in Myrtle Beach. Fun, fun, FUN! I worked out, tanned, drank tons of ACV water, and generally did not stress out about "dieting." In fact, at one point, my mom asked me what I was doing as far as dieting and I said, "I'm not. I basically eat the same way I did on Dreambodies, but I'm not obsessive about it. I try to always drink at least 4 L of water a day and I work out." My main thing is to avoid dairy at all costs, which helps keep my skin clear, but even that I refuse to be anal about. I'm not even being militant about avoiding refined sugar anymore. I would say I generally don't eat it. Which means 99% of the time, I don't eat it. That works for me.

All that being said, I'm about to kick things into overdrive, as I have 5 weeks until we go to Italy and I'd love to lean out a bit before we go. I'll keep you guys posted, of course, on how that's going!

Thanks for the nudge back to posting, my friend!

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