Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 1 - SUCCESS!

So, after a rocky morning, I can definitely declare today a success. I got to the gym at about 9:15, knowing that I had a FOUR-PAGE workout to finish (a CRIT, no less) and a teleconference to attend beginning at 10 am. Yeah, exactly. How was THAT going to happen.

Instead, I walked for 20 minutes and chatted with my sister, who made me feel infinitely more calm and happy about my current situation. I left the gym with the intent to come back later in the day, only to get pulled over 5 minutes before the teleconference was due to start. Or so I thought. After getting a ticket (downgraded, at least - no points), I got a text from my business partner that the meeting was TOMORROW. Oy. So, I went home and had a protein shake and then went back to the gym. Yes, I did!!! Worked hard for an HOUR AND A HALF...sprinted so fast, I almost puked.

And now, at 5:30 PM I can say I am most of the way through my liquid diet day. Tomorrow is regular food. Yay. Still not stepping on the scale, per Tony D, but I'm sure this will pay off. I know it. So, now it's time to print tomorrow's workout and plan tomorrow's food.

Hope you guys are all doing well out there! Keep it tight!

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