Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gotta love it!!

For those of you who haven't read Tony's latest post, you need to check it out here.

Now you guys all know I'm allergic to dairy so I didn't comment on his post for the tub of whey protein. I posted there (and am duplicating that here) because Tony hit it on the HEAD for me. I have FINALLY applied the technique of positive thinking to my career and finances - saying all day long how much I LOVE to have tons of money and opportunities opening up every time I turn around!

What Tony's blog reminded me is that I HAVE TO apply this same technique to my fitness life. I have been in a negative mindset, subconsciously at best, other times FLAGELLATING myself inside. Pushing through it physically is a must, but better than that is to say, "I have NO problem getting in shape. I LOVE to push myself to the limit. I LOVE to see the scale reflect all my hard work. I LOVE to feel fitter and thinner than I ever have in my life." Whether or not I feel my fittest today, I can honestly say that I LOVE WHEN I FEEL THAT WAY. And getting in touch with how much I love that is the next step before actually loving that I am feeling it because now it's TRUE!

Can't wait to post here when this becomes reality. It only took 2 days for this practice to impact my financial fitness. I mean seriously - I went from having just a couple hundred dollars in the bank to depositing five figures and having TONS more work coming in.

God willing, it will take less time than that to employ this practice of LOVING MYSELF to fitness. God willing, I will start to really believe that what I am doing is WORKING and will start getting excited about the changes I am seeing in my skin, on the scale, in my clothes and maybe most importantly, IN MY MINDSET and OUTLOOK!

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