Tuesday, August 4, 2009

MY dreams are coming true!

I am finally becoming the person I always longed to be. This past weekend was such a wild ride, I was nervous about it and had no idea what to expect.

First, I had a showcase on Saturday night and for the first time in my history as a singer/performer (I have sung in wedding bands for over ten years), I was performing one of my own original songs with a full band backing me up. It was so emotional! I sang a song I wrote right after my father died, called "Believe in Yourself" and people kept coming up to me saying how much it inspired them, moved them almost to tears. What was perhaps even more amazing was that the other artists that were being showcased were amazing! I felt so fortunate and blessed (and flattered) to be on the same ticket!!! It gives me so much hope and inspiration to become the best artist I can be. I've started identifying myself as an original artist for the first time in my life. On Sunday, I started the morning by singing the national anthem at the triathlon in which I was participating. The race organizer was thanking me for helping them out and I told them I had done a showcase the day before. They said, "Will we be able to say we knew you when?" And I said, "Hey, who knows? Maybe next year you'll be able to say you have a Grammy award-winning artist singing the national anthem for you!" (And yes, that would be me.)

So, that brings me to Sunday. The other area where I'm realizing my dreams is in that I am becoming an athlete and life coach. I have people coming to me, asking me to help them achieve their goals. That is what I have been focusing on manifesting all year - a career as a life coach, singer, writer, athlete. It may seem like a lot, especially since I also have my own consulting business which takes care of our mortgage and all our other bills, but you know what? God has never given me more than I can handle. Is it my fault I can handle so much?

Stay tuned. This journey I am on will be interesting, if nothing else!


Amy said...

Good for you! What an amazing weekend!

Tina said...

Crying...yep you are making me weep :) So excited for you Liimu....keep going girl...keep seeing it...you can have it, one step or a few at a time, they turn into miles and then you arrive at destinations and the journey never ends this is your life and you are living...living your dreams...I'm celebrating you :)