Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jesus, take the WHEEL!

I was chatting with a friend today, who was struggling with a situation in her life, and I was relating to her...sharing with her how things have become so much easier since I really recognized that God has the best plan for my life and I only get in my own way. I thought I would share these musings with you folks, my friends, and with myself as I go on with this journey, because this will be a helpful image to hold on to later when I think I have the best plan for my life, better than what God has planned, even.

"Imagine if I called and said, "I want to take you on a trip. You just relax and look out the window - I'll let you know when we get there." You wouldn't be over in the passenger's seat going, "Are we there yet? Where are we now? How soon will we get there? Is this it? Are we there now?" You would just be chatting, sipping on whatever drink, changing the radio to a good song, checking out what you can see out the window... I try to think of it the same way. God is the best friend you've ever had and is taking you on the best trip.

So, why do we always wanna open the door and jump out on the side of the road? Jerk the wheel to the right or the left? Why not just relax and let Him take the wheel?

Remember this?


Amy said...

Liimu, wow. I am just amazed and blown away by your performance - you are an incredible singer! Here in Belgium, we don't get this show, so I hadn't heard of it. So glad to hear you sing this wonderful song! Thanks so much for sharing!

April said...

Holy pipes Batman!

You are beautiful AND can sing!!

Loved it!